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Food Literacy

Growing food, preparing food and sharing food together are long-established Evergreen traditions. The Food Literacy Program was started in 2017 and was made possible through a grant from Farm to Cafeteria Canada. Our focus is on both growing food and sourcing food from our local producers.


In small groups, the students prepare food and drinks that reflect the current theme, as well as host Autumn and Winter soup days. We always harvest something from our school garden and explore the cuisines of the world. We eat everything from Peru to Japan.


In the interest of inclusivity, our Salal kitchen can have an entirely gluten-free and vegetarian food program, depending on currently enrolled students. All students become more adventurous and educated eaters after every school year.

Food Literacy

Connection with our natural world is fundamental to the Evergreen experience.  For as long as we can remember, the school has maintained an on-premise food garden that teaches our students about the skills and joy involved with growing their own food.


There is a year-round program that celebrates all the seasons. Our families are welcomed to take part in the garden program and enjoy the produce from the organic garden.

Themed Learning
Themes & Virtues

For as long as anyone can remember, Evergreen has taken a thematic approach to learning. At the beginning of each year staff identify 5 themes based on suggestions from our students, that will be integrated into various subjects, giving them context and meaning. Additionally, each year begins with the theme of 'Getting acquainted' and we end the year with 'Reflections'.

Teachers choose 2 virtues from the Virtues Project for each theme. We strive to notice, name, nurture & celebrate these virtues throughout the theme.


Past themes have ranged from: Medieval times to Robotics to exploring the worlds oceans, with countless other fun ones in-between.


Students at Evergreen explore music through singing, movement, role playing, storytelling and focused units using marimbas, xylophones, percussion and rhythm instruments.


The focus on acceptance, individuality, and relationships are important to to the program. 

Reading Buddies

Students at Evergreen have the chance to pair up with older/ younger students for Reading Buddies. These pairings change mid-way through the year and allow for interconnectedness in the student community and mentoring opportunities such as supported reading and writing activities. 

Reading Buddies
Maker Fair

The Maker Fair provides Juniper and Spruce students (grades 4-8) an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Students design, develop and market a product to sell within the school community, relying on their market research to determine if their product meets a need, and to help establish their budgets and prices.


The program culminates in a craft fair where students interact with real customers and earn real money. Since a portion of their profits go to charity, the impact of giving is also explored. 

Junior Kindergarten

Early Childhood Education

Evergreen offers Junior Kindergarten for children ages 3 and 4 years old. Junior Kindergarten classes run four days a week (Monday through Thursday) with either 4 half (families choose either 4 mornings, or 4 afternoons) or 4 full days available. 


Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment where we respect and value each child’s unique personality and interests. We believe that a play-based classroom benefits a child’s social and emotional development, as well as extends curiosity, imagination, decision making, a sense of fairness, relationship building and problem solving.


Being in nature is a big part of our daily routine. Rain or shine we go outside to play and explore. Our Junior Kindergarten class enjoys days in the forest, the sand box, the playground and in the garden, and the music program. Lastly, our Junior Program also provides the stepping stones for entry into Kindergarten in which we introduce confident and capable students to the beginning of a school-based program.

After School Care
After School Care

After school care is provided by Castle Care and is held on the Evergreen School grounds.  Please visit Castle Care's website for more information.

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