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About Us

Evergreen Proudly Offers:

student to teacher ratio

with 1-2 EAS in each class


acre property


community events

each term


sharing galas

per year


music & gardening

per week


PE outside

About Our School Community

Evergreen Independent School (EIS) is a small Group 1 funded prek-7 independent school with combined classes and inclusive practices. The school functions by way of modest monthly tuition and commensurate provincial subsidy. The curriculum, goals and objectives established by the BC Ministry of Education are met and surpassed by our school. The school serves ~50 students from the Cowichan Valley, occasionally beyond. EIS is located in Cobble Hill, BC, between Duncan and the Malahat.

EIS has a high staff to student ratio, focusing on Trauma Informed Practice as much is possible. Special education programs are also provided by EIS for students with special education needs, including Learning Assistance, additional EAs in each room, and a regulation space available to all students.

Our leadership team includes a Principal, and Inclusive Education Coordinator, 5 teaching staff, and 6 support/non-teaching staff.

EIS Society elects a Board of 8 trustees who establish policies and direction of EIS. Board meetings occur monthly, with 3 AGMs a year. Annual General meetings are held in September, January, and May.

Our Philosophy
Evergreen's Core Values

Confident, Curious Learners

Encouraging a love of learning and the pursuit of knowledge, emphasizing the importance of being well-rounded, knowledgeable, and using creative problem-solving.

Building Community

Celebrating the importance of strong relationships and community, teaching students to prioritize their loved ones and the well-being of those around them.

Emotional Literacy

Fostering emotional intelligence, empathy, and understanding, encouraging students to be in tune with their feelings and the feelings of others.

Respect for Self

Encouraging students to explore their own beliefs, values, and interests, helping them to develop a sense of self and a strong personal identity.

Responsible Stewardship

Promoting respect for our place of learning, campus, local community, and the environment, preserving the natural world for future generations.

Located on Vancouver Island, BC, Evergreen's multi-acre property features a pavilion, forest, garden, 3 playgrounds and access to wilderness trails.
4 Day School Week

Evergreen chose a four day school week because it aligned with the fundamentals of supporting student’s social, emotional, physical and academic development. Parents as our children’s first teachers play a major role in fostering their child’s development, a four day school week aims to supports family connection, rejuvenation, play and deeper self-regulation. A four day week not only provides a positive work environment for our staff, it also models for our children the importance of a work-life balance and the recognition of prioritizing mental health.

4 Day School Week
Our History
Our History

Evergreen Independent School was established in 1983 by a group of families looking for an alternative learning environment for their children. In the first year there were seven students in kindergarten and grade 1. The school now enrols students from Explorer to grade 7. Some of the founding teachers and parents are still involved with the school today. Evergreen’s growth has been slow and controlled from its beginning to present day and a commitment to the original philosophy has remained central to the school.

First graduating class 1983/84

The school house was built in 1914. It was named Cobble Hill School when it officially opened in 1915. Grades 1 to 8 were taught there. In 1930 the basement was utilized for "superior school" grades 9 and 10. A year later, the building was enlarged to include grades 11 and 12. It remained a combination elementary and high school until the 1950's.

Evergreen Independent School was established in 1983 and bought the heritage building in 2003 where we have remained ever since.

old school house
The Family Experience
The Family Experience

While the Evergreen philosophy was developed for the benefit of our students, we recognize that education is fundamentally tied to the families and community that surrounds them. Our founders’ motivation to incorporate a community element into the school experience shines brightly more than four decades later. We believe that modelling a spirit of service is one of the best ways to deliver our common goals. Evergreen is a great place to build lasting friendships of all ages. For families new to the area, Evergreen provides a welcoming on-ramp to Cobble Hill and its surrounding communities; families native to the area will likely already be familiar with the school and its great reputation.


Each spring, our families have come together to deliver the Forest Fun Fair (formally known as CHAPP) to the greater community since 1984. This fair serves not only as a great fundraiser for our PAC, but also a chance for our society members to work together and showcase all the school has to offer.


Past the philosophical reasons, there is also a practical need to intimately involve families in the day-to-day operation of our school. As a Group 1 Independent School, Evergreen is required to keep operational expenditures low in order to maintain our funding status. Consequently, many of the functions that would normally fall on paid staff at other private schools are instead the responsibility of family-run committees. While the time commitment and seasonal demands of each committee vary, families can expect to contribute meaningfully throughout the year; the end result is an investment of time and energy that pays dividends not just in our children’s educational outcomes but in our own experiences and relationships as well.


Evergreen students will be engaged, discerning and creative members of their local and global communities as they grow into well rounded, educated and happy adults

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