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You'll Always be an Evergreener

Alumni have always been an important part of our current school community and that sentiment is perhaps best expressed by our motto “once an Evergreener always an Evergreener”. Former students, families and teachers are a common sight around the school grounds and at various events throughout the year. At our annual trip to Camp Creina, alumni are always welcome to attend the dinner. 

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Legacy Fund
Our Legacy Fund

Student tuition and government support keeps our doors open and makes sure our classrooms are excellent spaces for learning, but to fully provide the students and families with the whole ‘Evergreen experience’ we require additional funds. This Legacy Drive for past and present parents, students, and community partners, requests support to help us provide our enriching, whole school learning and social experiences. We have several ongoing projects that we want to support with funding from this Legacy initiative.


Current Legacy Fund Goals:


Building Upgrades: Our main school building, the former Cobble Hill schoolhouse, is a 100-year-old heritage building that contributes to the aesthetic of Cobble Hill Village. While we love the character of the building, some issues need attention, such as increased wheelchair accessibility, upgraded heating system, and new desks and classroom chairs.

Playground Upgrades: The Cobble Hill Community Pavilion provides Evergreen students and families with a versatile place to gather and play, thanks to the efforts of our current and past Evergreen families! In addition, we are replacing playground features with safer options, and working to build capacity. 

Now our focus has turned to accessibility and our other play spaces. At Evergreen, we believe that play, like education, must be accessible to all students. This is reflected in our Playful Places project, funded in part by an Enabling Accessibility Grant from the  Government of Canada.  The project reflects an integrated playspace and accessibility ramp that will provide access to the main building, while giving all students access to a variety of features and spaces designed to meet a range of physical, sensory and developmental needs.

The project design is in line with the timber frame features already in place at Evergreen, with construction scheduled to take place in July of 2023.  Our wish is to have the International Timber Framers Guild be part of the build, bringing an additional level of community to this project.  

Evergreen New All Accessible Playground

Bursaries: Reflecting true community values, Evergreen has always tried to provide support to keep children at the school. Bursaries help support families who may struggle to meet the tuition costs.

Enhancing Academic Programs: Your support will help us enhance our curriculum, provide additional educational resources, and update our technology to ensure our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success.

Investing in Professional Development: We are committed to providing our teachers with ongoing professional development to ensure they are equipped with the best teaching practices. Your donation will help us invest in teaching training programs and workshops, ultimately benefiting our student’s education.

Evergreen is a registered charitable organization and all donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt

Donations can be made:

• in person at the school
• by mail to 3515 Watson Ave, Cobble Hill BC V0R 1L0
• online through

Please make cheques payable to EIS legacy.

Thanks for your consideration and support… and thank you for all that you do for the Evergreen Community.

Supporting Future Generations

Please, continue to support the Evergreen Legacy. Help us do more. Ensure that this school will be here to change lives, to enrich futures, to nurture students and to continue to provide the same life-changing environment to current and future generations of students, as it has for the past 35 years. We understand that everyone is in a different financial situation; we simply hope that you are able to give what you can. Please consider our list of needs and wishes, knowing that anything you offer will help build this dream.

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