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Below are Evergreen's current fundraiser campaigns. Have fun and happy shopping. Thank you for your support!

Check out our online store! All funds raised will go towards our PAC.

Evergreen Clothing

Twice Upon a Time

We have an 'Evergreen Independent School' account at Twice Upon a Time (children's consignment store at 3541 Cobble Hill Road).  Please take any gently used toys/clothing to the shop, and our school will receive the money made on items sold!

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 1.56.07 PM.png

Country Grocer Receipts

Please hang onto your Country Grocer Receipts, and return them to the hanging file in the Evergreen office labeled 'Fundraising'.

Country Grocer

1. Go to Mabel's Labels

2. Type "Evergreen Independent School"

3. Select labels and check-out

Mabel's Labels

Island Return It

We have an account at Island Return It on 1350 Fisher Road.  Please return your bottles and recyclables under Evergreen's account!  Every little bit counts!

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 2.00.44 PM.png
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