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Open Parachute Program

We have exciting news, we are now engaging in weekly Open Parachute lessons in each classroom. Open Parachute is an online program designed to support the mental health of students from kindergarten to grade twelve and their parents and teachers. 


Open Parachute is designed to promote social and emotional development in students; lessons cover several core topic areas, with developmentally appropriate lessons for each age group.  Each level has a unique program, with different video stories, exercises, and discussions that boost students' resilience, self-awareness, and social responsibility and increase their connection and systems of support. The program is based on documentary videos of real students sharing their own experiences of overcoming struggles that create powerful peer role models for students in addressing resilience in their own lives. This program lines up with Evergreen’s core value to prioritize our students’ social-emotional development and mental well-being.


As part of this program, there are parent resources available. We encourage you to seek out this information to team up with us in our ability to support your student's development to become a confident and successful person, for life. Please read the linked PDF file below to access the parent videos.

Open parachute program
Open Parachute Program
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