Junior Kindergarten and Evergreen Explorers

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Evergreen offers Junior Kindergarten for children ages 3 and 4 year old. Junior Kindergarten classes run four days a week (Monday through Thursday) with both morning or afternoon options available.  We also offer a our Evergreen Explorers program for younger children starting at 30 months old.  The Explorer program is offered twice a week with both morning and afternoon options available (choose from one or two days a week).

Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment where we respect and value each child’s unique personality and interests. We believe that a play-based classroom benefits a child’s social and emotional development, as well as extends curiosity, imagination, decision making, a sense of fairness, relationship building and problem solving.


Being in nature is a big part of our daily routine. Rain or shine we go outside to play and explore. Once a week our Junior Kindergarten class has an Outdoor Day where all learning takes place in the forest, the sand box, the playground and in the garden. We also have Specialty Teachers joining our program. There is Music with Jennie Stevens, Singing with Alex Gallagher and the Sounds of English with Jennifer Soulsby. Lastly, our Junior Program also provides the stepping stones for entry into Kindergarten in which we introduce confident and capable students to the beginning of a school-based program.


We offer both half-day and full-day Kindergarten

In keeping with the core philosophies of the school to meet each child’s individual needs Evergreen currently offers a flexible kindergarten program where students can attend half days or full days with the option to transition to full day when ready. For those students who attend half day but still require childcare for the full day there is the option of after kindergarten care in a more relaxed playful environment for the afternoon.